Who is Impact Church affiliated with?

We are a part of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI). MFI exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among member ministers, equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings and for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.  MFI provides an atmosphere where church leaders of like vision can join together, minister to each other and find accountability, relationship, resources and apostolic assistance and where their congregations can find identity on a national and international level.

I'm not sure about God. Am I still welcome?

Absolutely! All your questions may not be answered but we happen to believe that with God the undeniable always trumps the unexplainable. Questions may yet exist but experiencing God leads to trust. Sometimes all the questions don't get answered.

What theological background does Impact Church have?

We are an evangelical charismatic church that believes the basic tenets of the Christian faith and that the church of the 21st century will need the fullness of the Holy Spirit's power to impact our culture.

What kind of relationship does Impact Church have with other churches?

We believe there is one Body of Christ with many expressions as seen in the varied local churches throughout our region. Through our connection with MFI we have fellowship with a variety of churches throughout Canada and other parts of the world.

Money? How's this place funded? How's money handled?

At Impact Church you'll find a bunch of people who have experienced God in a real way. It's the generosity of these regular people that fuels the life change that takes place here and helps others connect with God. These people give a tithe (ten percent of their earnings) and offerings to what God is doing in our midst. There is accountability in the handling of all monies, from the counting process through the accounting process.

There seems to be a lot people working on the weekend, are they all paid?

Nope. Most of what you experience around Impact Church happens because of a bunch of incredible people who volunteer their time to greet, run the sound board, serve your kids at Impact Kids, and play on the worship team. They're volunteers and we like to think of it as a Servolution.

I would love to volunteer too. How do I start?

Well the first thing that we would recommend is for you to take the time to get to know us and there are plenty of opportunities for that. Whether you participate in one of our Open House Seminars, come to a Pastor's Potluck or connect with a Life Group, we strongly encourage you to take some time to meet some people, learn what you can about us and ask lots of questions. Once you have become acquainted with the church, we can talk more about serving in one of the many areas that Impact Church has to offer.