Covenant Partners

Covenant Partners

“In today’s complex society, membership is more like a multi-lane thoroughfare with several paths of value moving in both directions. Without understanding these complexities it is easy to miss the contemporary meaning of membership…the new number one meaning is relationship. Members want to belong to a family group rather than an organization – to feel accepted, affirmed, and appreciated as individuals rather than lost in a system.”

From “The Meanings Of Membership” by Terry Raburn, Assemblies Of God, USA

It is with this thought in mind that we developed the concept of Covenant Partners. We desire to maintain the importance of church membership, while remaining true to the principles of community that the New Testament highly valued. We believe that church membership should be less organizational and more organic in nature.

How Do I Become A Covenant Partner?

After completing Equip 201 you will have the opportunity to complete the Covenant Partner Application Form and submit it for review by the Pastoral Team of Impact Church. To start the process in becoming a Covenant Partner simply click here

NOTE: We require an individual to be a Covenant Partner for anyone interested in any type of leadership position at the church.