Vision 2020

We believe that vision is the tomorrow that we are intentionally and strategically working on today! We believe that when the unconditional love, amazing grace, and powerful truths of Jesus impact our lives, we can become a thriving, irresistible church that can reach our world for Christ. Jesus is at the centre of all we do!

Mission 2020

This is our mission and the absolute centre of our focus as a church! At Impact Church, to live like Jesus means that we live our lives in a way that pleases God and honours His ways and His Word. It also means that we live our lives on mission to do His will. At Impact Church, to love like Jesus means we are passionate about bringing Jesus’ love to those around us.

Values 2020

At Impact Church, values are the non-negotiable, unchanging beliefs that answer the question of why we do what we do. Values are the principles that we are committed to and help explain our culture. Values are what we consider fundamental. These 9 values represent our commitment to God's will and vision for our community of faith. They also represent our philosophy of ministry and frame every decision that we make.