God loves people! God's heart is to meet every person where they are at, transform them with His loving embrace, and restore their hopes and dreams! We live in a day and age where many people are struggling with addictions, relational conflict and hurts that never seem to go away. People are looking for answers.

God's love in us compels us to help, to reach out and to initiate projects and opportunities to help meet people where they are at with the most amazing message ever heard! That message is simply that there is a loving God who cares deeply about people! 


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For many people, the Christmas season is a struggle, filled with worry and stress, rather than the joy of the season. Each December, we support local families by doing an outreach called Hands of Hope, where we provide two large bins of groceries (everything needed for Christmas dinner, plus extra groceries for the Christmas season) as well as prayerfully selected gifts for all children represented within those homes. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we reach our community, not just with food and gifts, but with the message of HOPE that can only be found in Jesus. We deliver the food and gifts right to people’s homes and we often have an incredible opportunity to talk, share and pray with the recipients as we get to inspire HOPE in hearts and homes. Since the start of Hands of Hope in 2008, we have delivered: 

  • to over 1360 homes 
  • to over 5200 people
  • about 3080 bins of food
  • about 3000 personally selected and wrapped gifts 

You can be the Hands of Hope this year! To see a more thorough explanation of what Hands of Hope is and how to get involved, click HERE (Detailed Video). You can volunteer on any or all of our volunteer teams to help with anything from purchasing gifts to delivering the hampers, by clicking HERE (Volunteer Sign Up). You can give towards Hands of Hope any time of the year by clicking HERE and indicate Hands of Hope (or HOH) on the memo line.  


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Each September, we have an absolute blast as we bring a fun-fair to Rideau Heights Public School. It is our privilege to be able to provide the students and their families an opportunity to enjoy and afternoon of fun games & activities, bouncy castles, wagon rides, face paint, groceries, a BBQ, free haircuts by amazing Kingston hairdressers, and so much more. We want to put our faith in action and bring joy by tangibly showing the love of Jesus to this amazing community. Keep an eye out for how to get involved in this incredible outreach either on the day of the event or behind the scenes. To give towards this event, click HERE and indicate Back 2 School Bash (or B2SB) on the memo line.  

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It is our absolute privilege to be able to partner with Rideau Heights Public School at the beginning of each school year to provide each student with age appropriate school supplies that they will need throughout the year and some extra support for the classroom teachers. This helps take the stress off trying to find or afford school supplies and neutralizes the gap that can sometimes exist between students of different financial demographics. We want each student to come in to the school year confident and excited for the year ahead, having what they practically need to do their schoolwork. To give towards this drive, click HERE and indicate “Back 2 School Drive” on the memo line.   


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Twice a month throughout the school year, we have the amazing opportunity to partner with different kids at Rideau Height Public School and work side by side with them to prepare fresh fruit for all the students and staff at the school. Once a month, we come in and prepare fresh fruit on skewers that we then serve to each classroom, and once a month we do a smoothie program where we simply prepare and serve fresh smoothies to the school community. It is a wonderful opportunity not only to provide a yummy treat, but to also build relationship with the amazing kids at the school. On a practical level, Fruit-Full brings fruit and fills bellies, but the heart behind this outreach is that we pray and believe that it will also be fruitful and bear fruit for Christ in the lives of the kids and that they would feel the love and care of Jesus in a tangible way.


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It is our honour to be able to be able to go into Trillium Ridge Retirement Home each month and provide a church service for the precious residents, many of them who are unable to go to a church, so instead, we bring church right to them! We sing, share encouraging words or testimonies, read Scripture, take communion together, pray and visit with the residents. What a privilege to minister to our retired population and share the message and love of Jesus with them.



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Serve Day is a day we set aside to serve our city through many practical projects and acts of kindness all around Kingston. This is a day to “find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it, whether that is picking up trash, visiting a retirement home, coming alongside other non-profits in the city, helping out our elderly neighbors, writing letters to Veterans, etc. If you have an idea for a project you would like to see as part of the next Serve Day, email 


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At times, we as a church come across needs in our community. It can be anything from a financial need, to food, to a practical need for diapers & formula, furniture or something else. By having an ongoing “Compassionate Care Fund”, we are able to tangibly show the love of Jesus to people in our community by meeting some of their needs. While we can’t meet every need, it gives us the opportunity to help when we feel led to and the opportunity arises. To contribute to this fund, simply click HERE and indicate “COMPASSIONATE CARE” in the memo line.   



*Please include your full name, address and indicate the outreach name (HANDS OF HOPE, BACK TO SCHOOL BASH, ETC.) in the Memo field of E-Transfers before you hit send to ensure you receive a charitable tax receipt and to ensure that the funds are allocated to the correct outreach.

**Transaction fees apply.

***Donations over $20.00 are eligible to receive a charitable tax reciept. Tax receipts are issued annually in February.