God loves people! God's heart is to meet every person where they are at, transform them with His loving embrace, and restore their hopes and dreams! We live in a day and age where many people are struggling with addictions, relational conflict and hurts that never seem to go away. People are looking for answers.

God's love in us compels us to help, to reach out and to initiate projects and opportunities to help meet people where they are at with the most amazing message ever heard! That message is simply that there is a loving God who cares deeply about people! 

Hands of Hope

For many at Christmas, the struggle is real. It's filled with worry and stress rather than the joy of the season. To meet this need in a practical way, we started our very first outreach in 2008 called Hands of Hope.

So, what does "practical" look like to us?

Each household receives:

  • Two large bins of groceries; everything needed for Christmas dinner, plus groceries for the rest of the holiday season
  • Prayerfully selected gifts for children in the home
  • To the door delivery (the cupboard door if desired)

Over the last 11 years, we delivered:

  • to over 900 homes
  • to over 5000 people
  • over 2000 bins of food
  • over 1800 personally selected and wrapped gifts

How can you be the "Hands of Hope" this year?

Click HERE to volunteer.

Click HERE to donate Online.


Send a cheque made out to "Impact Church" to:

Impact Church
910-829 Norwest Road
Kingston, ON, K7P 2N3

 **Any donation over $20.00 can recieve a charitable donations tax reciept**