We love our church fam and we love to pray for those who need to be encouraged and supported. Our "Prayer Ministry" sessions are designed to do just that.

Our "Prayer Ministry" sessions will take place on the same night as Impact Prayer, which is the last Monday night of each month.

They are 20 minute sessions, bathed in an atmosphere of worship, where 2 or 3 prayer ministry team members will pray over you and encourage you in the Lord. They may share a Bible verse, pray a prayer of blessing, or minister over you prophetically by the Holy Spirit's leading. 

Sign ups will open about 8 days before each monthly prayer. To sign up for prayer ministry, click on the corresponding timeslot below. 


Timeslot #1: Monday, May 27th, 6:00 - 6:20 pm 

prayer min 1

Timeslot #2: Monday, May 27th, 6:25 - 6:45 pm 

prayer min 2



Don't forget to join us for Impact Prayer at 7pm on the last Monday of the month (directly after these prayer sessions)!